Light Gray Polyurethane Primers for General Industrial, Transit & Fleet Applications
6 to 1 to 1 Mix Ratio Kits

• <100 g/l formulated VOC Content
• 3-4 Hour Potlife - Convenient
• Chemical and Solvent Resistant
• Resistant to Hydraulic Fluids, Lubricating Oils, Diesel Fuel & Water
• Recoats within 1 hours or wet-on-wet application possible
• Roller, brushing or spray Applications
• Excellent flow and leveling
• Fills surface imperfection & Sands Well
• Excellent Corrosion Resistance over Steel

Special Notes: 

09GY030 Light Gray <100 G/L VOC Content - Contains t-Butyl Acetate and PCBTF. Complies with most USEPA VOC Limits and HAP's-free requiements.

Tech Data Sheets: