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Defthane Polyurethane Floor Finish

** Available only in Canada ** A superior quality interior clear Polyurethane formulated to achieve maximum durability on all interior "hard use" wooden surfaces, including wood floors. Defthane Floor Finish gives a warm golden tone to interior wood.

How to apply this product:

  1. Prepare surface per label instructions.
  2. Apply first coat with long, smooth strokes or spray application in the direction of the wood grain. For wood floor applications, use a good quality bristle bursh or lambs wool floor finish applicator pad.
  3. Let dry for 3-4 hours do not reapply until completely dry.
  4. Sand smooth, remove dust.
  5. Two coats are adequate for most interior wood surfaces. apply three or more coats for best performance.
  6. Sand and repeat when first signs of deterioration appear.
  7. Clean brushes and/or other application tools with mineral spirits.
  8. Two coats are recommended when renewing existing wood floors.