Waterborne Clear Wood Finish

Self-crosslinking 100% acrylic technology offers many of the same features and benefits as our traditional CWF Brushing Lacquer in an environmentally friendly formulation. Excellent on furniture, cabinets, molding, antiques, crafts, and over faux finish.

How to apply this product:

  1. Sand the wood to proper smoothness (do not use steel wool) and remove dust
  2. If using stain, follow the instructions on the can to insure proper application and dry times
  3. Apply Waterborne Clear Wood Finish with a brush, pad, roller, or spray
  4. Let dry 2 hours between coats. Apply at least 3 coats
  5. Sand between coats using fine (220 grit) sandpaper and remove sanding dust
  6. Clean brushes and/or other application tools with soap and water