Deftoil Danish Oil Finish

A penetrating tung oil urethane Danish oil finish. Our translucent formula brings out the natural beauty of wood, and does not mask the wood grain. Excellent for interior wood surfaces including, cabinets, furniture, floors and molding. Light Walnut, Cherry, Fruitwood and Golden Oak not available in pints.

How to apply this product:

  1. Sand unfinished wood to proper smoothness.
  2. Remove all sanding dust.
  3. Shake Deftoil well before use.
  4. Apply liberal amount over surface with cloth, brush, or roller.
  5. Allow to penetrate for 30 minutes then wipe off excess.
  6. Do not allow any excess oil to dry on the surface.
  7. NOTE: Some open grain woods, can bleed excess oil. Should this happen, re-wipe the surface until the bleeding stops.