Step Saver Stain and Finish

A rich penetrating wood stain combined with a protective satin finish in a single, easy to use product. Excellent for interior wood surfaces including, floors, cabinets, molding, railings, toys and crafts. (Neutral not available in 1/2 pints)

How to apply this product:

  1. Pre-test stain on a hidden area of the wood to ensure final color.
  2. Stir thoroughly before and during use. When working with multiple cans, mix all together for color consistency.
  3. Apply a liberal amount of stain with a lint-free cloth, brush, roller, or applicator pad. Be sure to keep an even wet surface.
  4. Allow stain to penetrate for 30 minutes, wipe off all excess material. Do not allow any excess material to dry on the surface. Wipe surface completely dry. To increase color intensity apply a second coat after 1 hour.
  5. Allow stain to dry for 24 hours before applying a clear protective top coat. If extra protection is needed, top coat with one of Deft's many fine finishes: Water Based Polyurethane, Interior Polyurethane, or Clear Wood Finish Brushing Lacquer